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Welcome to our website, the home of our gaming guilds, Pride Gamer.  Our current games include Star Trek Online featuring our Federation Fleet "Pride of Starfleet" and our Klingon Fleet "House of Mar'tok. Our Star Wars The Old Republic features our Sith Guild "Pride of the Empire", we will be forming a Jedi Guild down the road. We welcome you all to look around and feel free to post a message for any questions.  If you would like to join the website or the fleet or both, fill out the registeration and contact a member in game for fastest response.

We are a group of people who enjoy gaming together and enjoying the game in good company.  Our members enjoy all the game has to offer, including PvP, PvE, farming, questing, grinding, chatting, and etc..  We have people in many time zones so there should be people that you should be able to group with, weekends offer more players, since there people from all the time zone have a chance to play together.

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